Programa de Pós-Graduação – Strictu Sensu – Universidade Federal Fluminense – UFF

Research lines

Research line 1

Research line 1 Diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic clinical practice in veterinary medicine.


Aims to establish clinical, laboratory, or imaging diagnosis as well as to define treatment and control strategies for the changes caused by parasitic, infectious, and metabolic diseases that affect domestic and wild animals.

Research line 2

Physiopathology and reproduction biotechinques


Research on the physiology of domestic and wild animal reproduction, on the pathologies that influence reproduction efficiency, and on the development of biotechnological techniques aiming to improve livestock species.

Study areas

  • Small domestic animal clinical practice Large domestic animal clinical practice;
  • Clinical pathology of domestic animals;
  • Clinical pathology of exotic animals; Pathological anatomy of domestic animals;
  • Pathological anatomy of wild animals;
  • Pathological anatomy of exotic animals;
  • Clinical parasitology; Veterinary bacteriology;
  • Molecular diagnosis methods;
  • Diagnosis of infectious and parasitic diseases;
  • Animal well-being and bioethics;
  • Cytology;
  • Gynecology;
  • Andrology;
  • Oncology
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