Programa de Pós-Graduação – Strictu Sensu – Universidade Federal Fluminense – UFF

History and Aims

The Post-graduation Program started in 1973, when it was called Post-Graduation in Veterinary Surgery, and initially offered only Master of Science degrees. In 1994, with the support of CAPES, the program name was changed to The Veterinary Medicine Post-graduation Program (Animal Clinic and Reproduction). The aim was the qualification to teach at higher education ortganizations and the development of research based on regular theoretical and practical studies evaluated as theses and dissertations presented by postgraduates at the end of the study period. In 2005, with the aim of meetign the needs posed by the work market in the region and based on advising by CAPES, the Program incorporated a research line on Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology – which emerged from the Veterinary Sciences Degree, which was discontinued, and started the Doctorate Program. At that time, no other university in the state of Rio de Janeiro had a stricto sensu post-graduation program specialized in Animal Clinic and Reproduction. From 2006 on, after permission granted by CAPES, the course was renamed The Veterinary Medicine Post-graduation Program (Animal Clinic and Reproduction). Currently the Program is given grade 5 by CAPES.

The Veterinary Medicine Post-graduation Program (Animal Clinic and Reproduction) aims to educate professors to teach Veterinary Medicine in higher education organizations, icreasing the knowledge about the topics in research lines of the Program, in addition to improvig the theoretical and practical expertise about scientific methods based on a dissertation at the end of the course. In this context, the Master of Science degree qualifies the student to university life and to the commitment to teaching, research, and extension studies, and prepares students to the next stage of their academic education – the Doctorate – familiarizing them with the methods and techniques used in scientific work and contributing to the improvement of their professional activities. PhD in Veterinary Medicine (Animal Clinic and Reproduction) aimst to educate highly competent researchers to meet the qualitative expansion of university education.

At this stage, the PhD student has the opportunity to develop knowledge in the lines of reasearch offereted by the program and to use the interdisciplinarity afforded by a curricular structure which includes the integration of Veterinary Medicine fields of study. Specific studies, dedication, and improvement of the knowledge about the theme chosen for the thesis are the main objectives of the PhD. Target public Veterinarians interested in developing research projects about the two lines of research in the Post-graduation Program.

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